Brazil Trips

If you are interested in joining me on a trip to Brazil, please email me at  and let me know and I will keep you informed of upcoming trip dates. We will also assist you through preparing for your trip.
If you cannot come to Brazil, check out “distance healing” at the end.

John Of God
As featured recently on Oprah, John Of God is a full trans medium who incorporates spirits into his body to perform spiritual and physical healings.  He is based in central Brazil and up to 500 people a day currently visit.

Filming / Non Filming Trips To Brazil
Gail will be travelling to Brazil to interview John of God and document the healings at the Casa. Gail is inviting spiritual friends from her group to join the trip. If you wish to be on camera (following your experiences), that would be great, however if you don’t wish to be on camera but are just coming for the experience that is fine too or you can join us in another non filming trip.


Cost Of The Trip  $1,800
$300 non refundable deposit to reserve your space and the remainder due no later than 30 days before travel.

What Does The Trip Include
Transportation to and from the airport
Hotel room
Hotel Internet
All meals, buffet style
Blessed water for your room.
Taxi to the sacred waterfall and as needed to the hotel (such as after surgery)
A crystal bed session
Personal and group time with Gail
Assistance at the Casa
Donation to the Casa
Orientation in Los Angeles

What It Does Not Include
Travel insurance
Laundry ( $1.50 an item)
Additional Crystal Bed Sessions
Herbs if prescribed ( about $45)
Spending Money ( items are available at the Casa gift shop and in town)


What To Expect On The Trip
For each person it is a very individual healing experience. Some people go with a physical ailment that they wish to resolve while others just go out of a curiosity or a desire for spiritual enlightenment. For most it is a personal spiritual journey with a lots of quiet introspective time, meditation and contemplation. Do not expect this to be an action packed adventure with lots of sight seeing. It is quite the opposite. Even on the days that the Casa is not in session, you will continue to feel your healing taking place and trips outside the area are discouraged. I found that the spirits seemed very close and I could sense and clearly talk with them. Most people at least have a sense of this loving energy surrounding them. In fact the spirits are already working with you long before you even arrive and some may sense their presence or that “things just seem to fall into place”.  Try not to set expectation, try to just go with the flow and see what is meant for you, as each will experience what is right on their journey. For those that have an agenda, perhaps are healers for a living, you will be expected to leave your ego at the door. You are here to be healed and to experience the loving energy as the spirits direct it to you.

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The Casa is in session, meaning John Of God is present and in entity, twice a day on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. In the mornings starting at 8 am and in the afternoon at 2 pm. The Casa has a protocol that makes it run very smoothly, organizing visitors into a first time line, second timers and other lines. You will be expected to follow the protocols and you will be directed and given translators to help you. So your first time in front of John Of God will probably be on the Wednesday morning session. From there on you may be given a ‘surgery’ or other directions and so you may be going back to see John Of God on the continuing days or you may be invited to sit in the “current” or mediation rooms. If you have a “surgery” you will be taking it easy at the hotel for the next couple of days. Don’t worry you will be guided through the process and we will assist you in following the protocols and getting the most out of your spiritual journey. During a Casa two weeks you may be going in front of John Of God several times and you will probably spend several sessions “in current”, mediating during the sessions. You will also have the opportunity to ask for healings for others.

On Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, most of the time will be spent in quiet reflection. Some people may be still under “surgery” from the spirits but all will be under the guidance of the spirits even when John Of God is not in session. We will be making trips to the sacred waterfall on the Casa property and directing you in this spiritual cleansing. You will also have the opportunity to experience the crystal beds at the Casa. There are religious services in English and Portuguese at certain times at the Casa that you can attend and also the shop at the Casa will be open. There is a small town with some delicious acai berry juice bars and shops that are great to browse.

Gail will also spend individual time with each person as well as group meditations and discussions. Gail will be staying at the hotel and eating with everyone, so she will be very much part of the group and you will be able to get personal advice and spiritual insight. Also Medium Sean “Spikey” will be partnering with Gail and will also be hanging out with the group as a guide and mentor.

You will be flying into Brasilia airport ( Code BSB). The flight from Los Angeles, mostly has one or two stops and routes through either, Lima, Panama, Rio or San Paulo. The time varies from about 14 hrs to about 20 hrs, so you might want to sort by length of time. I will be flying out of LAX, so if you can get on the same flight as me that would be great. If not we will try to coordinate that you can arrive at the airport at approximately the same time. From the airport it is an hour and a half drive to the Casa, so we can save on taxis if we can arrive at the same time. You can book your flight through a travel agent, however you can just as easily book through an online service such as or through an airline direct such as (which is where I book my flights). They usually offer travel insurance as well.

Brazilian Visa
Brazil requires a visa from citizens of certain countries. Persons with a UK passport do not require a Visa. Persons with a US passport will need a Visa. In order to get a visa you will need to have a passport that is valid for at least another 6 months. You will need to first book your flight as you are required to show proof of travel. Make sure you leave at least a couple of weeks to get your Visa, this depends on the office and you can check with your specific Brazilian embassy on the documents required and the processing time.

For Los Angeles the website is   The LA office  states 10 working days are required for processing (if required earlier it may be considered if you can show good reason or emergency).

What To Pack
It is required that you must wear white during the days that the Casa is in session, the other days you can wear colors. However if you were to receive a “surgery” you will need to wear white everyday for seven days. So for me I found that other than for the flight I only wear white the entire trip. So I suggest that you bring enough white for the whole trip and just colors for the flights. Also you will not need any “dressy clothes”, there is no where dressed up to go. It mostly stays in the 70’s and 80’s,  Jan and Feb possible tropical rain storms.

  • White clothes for the whole trip, casual, comfortable.
  • White sleep wear if possible.
  • Umbrella or shear rain jacket if desired ( can get there also) rainy season.
  • Shoes – I buy cheap white sneakers to throw away ( they will get muddy).
  • 220 – 110 plug converter with the round prongs.
  • Some hotels do not allow candles, some do, will let you know.
  • Swim Suit for waterfall (not expected to be white)
  • Bug repellent (I didn’t need) and sun block
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Distance Healing If You Can’t Come To Brazil

Personal Distance Healing 
I will be hand carrying personal petitions to present to John Of God. The spirits will do the healing just as if you were there and I may need to stand in for a ‘surrogate surgery’ for you. Sometimes you will be prescribed herbs that I will purchase and bring back.

The cost for this is $150 (herbs prescribed will be additional at cost, approx $45)
For the personal distance healing you need to bring me;

  • (Optional) A small item of clothing, such as a T shirt worn by the person ( you can give them a T shirt to wear for a few hours)
  • A photograph, if possible, I highly recommend taking several photos  ( full length front, full back, full each side and head shot), print or photo copy. Write on the back of each photo the persons name, and date of birth (I would write out the month, such as Dec 16th 1964, since they write the day and month backwards in Brazil), and the home address or place they will be sleeping while we are presenting it and the following days.
  • On a separate piece of paper, describe if there is a specific physical, mental or spiritual issue or why the client wishes for a distance healing.
  • I will need an email and phone number in case I contact you while I am gone.
  • You probably will not get these items back, so only send photos and clothes that it is ok to leave. And photo copies are ok.
    If your healing is for an animal, a small piece of cloth that your animal laid on or a small clip of fur is good. Please include photos of your animal ( with name and approx birthday if you know) and a photo of you or the animals main owner, with the birthday written on the back. This is because the animals energy and possible illness is often related to their owner’s energy.
    I will start as soon as I get the items, by asking the entities for healing and doing my personal healing work on them, then I will take them to Brazil.
    If the healing is not for yourself, please make sure you have their permission and this is something that they want to receive. Some of the people petitioned for, may be given a spiritual surgery and if so I will be emailing you from Brazil or my office will call you with instructions for the client, who will have to take it easy.  Regardless of whether the client receives a spiritual surgery or not, the entities will be working on you. So during the time we are in Brazil especially, the client should try to spend as much time sleeping, mediating and taking it easy as possible. Some may be prescribed certain herbs. If this is the case, I will purchase them for you at the Casa (They are approx $45). You are required to prepay for the herbs which I will get to you on my return. If you are not prescribed herbs, you will receive a refund of the $45.

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