Gail Thackray

My Passion

My passion is helping people open up spiritually to connect to their inner self and align with Source. This happens differently for each person depending on what makes them “tick” and what resonates with them on a spiritual level. Sometimes this comes from attuning a person to Reiki and sometimes it comes from helping them develop their mediumship abilities and psychic senses. Sometimes they relate to working with their spirit guides or angels. Helping people to find their life purpose and get in sync with their own path is what I truly love. I believe it is our purpose here in this physical existence to experience love and joy. There is a whole spiritual world, a whole magical energy around us that we can tap into and that we can work with to manifest our perfect life. We all deserve the perfect job, the perfect relationship, love, and abundance in our lives. If we only ask…

I am blessed to be working with some beautiful energies in spirit that want to bring healing and enlightenment to all that come to me for direction. These spirits guide me in my workshops, my live events, my books, and on television. They wish to bring this powerful energy to all who are open to it.

I am a medium, which means I connect with and get messages from spirits on the other side. I believe we are all mediums but we often block this from our experience. When you open up to this world, it opens up intuition, psychic abilities, animal communication, and working with spirits for healing. As you become aware of this other world, you actually manifest a better life, manifesting what you want more easily and quickly.

I wasn’t always a medium. I used to think that mediums had to be born that way and were a little “off -kilter.” For me it didn’t happen until I was forty. It came as an instantaneous opening, something that would change my life forever.

Growing Up “Normal”

I grew up inYorkshire, England with a great passion for horses, dogs, and most animals. At about nine years old I was a little entrepreneur and used to organize “Garden Parties” in my back yard about once a month. A Garden Party was a mixture of garage sale and mini-fair. I would rally my friends and together we would go door to door for garage sale donation items and devise fun games for the local kids. All proceeds went to the RSPCA animal shelter. My forte was to dress up as Gypsy Rosalie and with my over-the-top earrings, jeweled shawl, and upside down fish bowl for a crystal ball, I would play fortune teller.

Years later I would bump into old acquaintances that would say, “Hey will you tell my fortune again, everything you told me came true.” At first I laughed and said, “I was just dressing up and pretending. Everything that I told you, I just made up.” I passed it off as coincidence. After several friends had similar stories, each convinced I had predicted events, I had to believe maybe there was something to it. Perhaps there was some inclination when I was younger, but I didn’t pay much attention.

Becoming A Medium and Animal Communicator

I had come to the States pursing careers of a more business, down-to-earth nature.  Meanwhile, my auntie back inEnglandhad undergone a major life change and after years of study, became a Reiki Master. While visiting me inCalifornia, my auntie taught me the art of Reiki. She warned me that this would open up a whole new realm to me and that things may start appearing to me.

Shortly afterwards, I attended a weekend seminar with a renowned British psychic. Something amazing happened to me that weekend. I found that in a room of complete strangers, I was able to pass on detailed messages from their loved ones. It was if this ability had been there all along, that these spirits were just waiting outside, looking in patiently through the window. When I opened that door and said “come on in and talk to me,” I had spirits lined up ready to chat, as clear as if I were standing next to you. It was then that I launched my career as a Psychic Medium.

Sometime after that and just by coincidence (as if there were such a thing), I was at a crystal shop where an animal communicator was giving a workshop. Curious, I decided to attend and to my surprise, I found that animals came through to me just as easily as spirits and in exactly the same way! What was even more surprising to me was that I could communicate with them whether they were in spirit or alive. In fact it didn’t seem to make any difference; they came through my thoughts in exactly the same way.

Teaching Others

I loved reading people, both their loved ones in spirit and their pets. However, I could only do so many before I became too “spacey.” Also, when their loved ones came through, I got such a tremendous feeling that no matter how well I could describe it, it couldn’t be the same as if they were to feel it directly. This is when I decided that I wanted to teach others how to connect themselves and how to bring spiritual enlightenment into everything they do. I was certainly given help from the heavenly realms and spirit would help me to create workshops and write books that would ultimately connect others to Source.

More than anything, I am blessed that the spirits have chosen to work through me, helping people feel this connection for themselves.

Connect With Me

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