Sometimes John of God will travel to other countries. A live event is usually set up similar to the Casa in Brazil so that the people can experience the same energy in other parts of the world. Tickets are usually for one day. Half the day the person will have the opportunity to go in front of John of God and ask questions and receive a healing, the other half of the day they will get the opportunity to sit in current with John of God and experience a current meditation session. John of God will also be doing invisible psychic surgeries. If you are prescribed a surgery you will be invited to come back at the beginning of the next session. You will need to follow all protocols as if you received a surgery in Brazil. The event space is sectioned to emanate the Casa, with the current rooms, a surgery room and John of Gods medium’s room. John of God will prepare the energy the day before. People report feeling and experiencing the spirits from Brazil. The entities that work through John of God at the Casa in Brazil, also work through John of God at the live events in other parts of the world.

July 16- 18th 2012 Switzerland
Hosted by Josef Schöffmann
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Los Angeles, 2013
Gail Thackray and Josef Schöffmann
hope to bring John of God to Los Angeles 2013.
Please check back for details.


Live Event Information Switzerland 2012

Attunement to the Event
Meeting the medium João de Deus is described by most of the people as a profound and transforming experience which healthfully enriches one’s life.

To prepare yourself for this event, we recommend you, to take some time for yourself. Try to concern yourself with your life and clarify what you want to change and what the reasons for your registration are. Whether you are seeking a cure for a physical, psychological or psychic ailment, whether you are looking for an answer to your personal existential questions or you want to move further along your spiritual path; clarify how the situation was originated, what it means to your life and what it may show you. Ask what you can do to change the situation – and what you are ready to invest. According to João, the entities do 25% of the work, god does another 25% and 50% are in your own hands.

After you have prepared yourself adequately, come with open and calm mind to the event. For the healing treatments it will not be needed that you believe everything that is going to be explained and described. But this event is not the right place for prejudice and doubts. Please come with a mind free of prejudice – You and the others will profit most that way.

The event will be held according to the principles of the Spiritists. For a better understanding we give you a brief idea of Spiritualism. As already described, it is not necessary to believe what you are not ready to. People from all religions and beliefs will be welcome to join this event. Just come with an open mind and try not to judge people or things you will see.

According to the doctrine of the Spiritism, God is the highest intelligence and the source of all things. God created intelligent spirit beings, which live in the spirit world. These spirit entities can incarnate into a body or live as spirit beings in their spirit world.

The life of spirit beings is infinite, an incorporated body is mortal. All the spirit beings who have incorporated we know as the humanity. No matter if incorporated or spirit being, they never end developing themselves and are becoming more and more advanced spirits.

The number of incarnations as well as the time between incarnation varies. They depend on the will and the compliance of the spirits. The doctrine of the Spiritists says that we are able to communicate with the spirit world. People who have the ability for this contact are called medium. There are many different sorts of communication. For example healing, channeling, writing and painting mediums. Also the abilities of the medium may vary.

In Brazil, Spiritism is widely spread and practiced in many centers. The Casa Dom Inancio de Loyola, the centre of João de Deus, is unique in terms of the size, the number of visitors and the international recognition.

36 Spirit beings work through the medium João de Deus. He is considered to be the strongest full trance medium due to the number of the spirit beings as well as their power. Some of the spirits that work through him are St. Ignatius of Loyola, King Solomon, Francisco Xavier, Dr. Augusto di Almeida, Jose Valdivino und Oswaldo Cruz.

Besides João, a lot of other mediums will be present at the event. Their job will be to hold the energy level high and prepare the visitors to pass by João de Deus.

Overview of Possible Measures for Treatment
The following measures can be used for treatment at this event:

  • Sitting in the Current-Rooms
    A powerful energy field which supports the work of the spiritual entities will be created in these rooms.
  • Spiritual cleaning
    This takes place as preparation before passing by João de Deus.
  • Spiritual surgery

In the Casa in Brazil 99% of the operations are so called spiritual or invisible interventions. Not more than 1% are physical operations and in Switzerland they will not take place! The interventions will be performed by the entities and no physical contact will occur.

  • Spiritual energy transmission
    This energy is received through a spiritual entity and happens throughout the event.
  • Magnetic energy transmission
    This is received through a medium.
  • Prayers and meditation
    This prepares the body and mind and opens it to the divine healing energies.
  • Meditation in the entities‘ room (Meditation room II)
    To stay in this room, in which a powerful energy field is produced, is only possible by special invitation from an entity.
  • Invitation to the Casa in Abadiania
    Possible as advice given by an entity.
  • Crystal bed sessions
    Either prescribed by an entity or you can book it yourself at the event.
  • Blessed Water
    It is recommended for everyone to drink some of the water, which is blessed by a spiritual entity and supports the healing processes.
  • Blessed soup
    The soup is part of the healing tradition in the Casa and will be served at the event in Switzerland as well.
  • Blessed crystals
    Those high energetic crystals are blessed by a spiritual entity.

Event Description

Please note that you enter consecrated area. Leave your daily grind behind and keep your peace of mind during your stay. Already as you accede the area, you will be exposed to the beneficial energy and the spiritual entities are present everywhere. We kindly ask you to behave respectful towards your fellow men, yourself and the place.

Main Room
After the entrance, the participants assemble in the main room. There will be many people in this room – here as well, we ask you to keep your inner peace and to respectfully take your seat. It is important to know that in this room, important processes take place already. Try to stay in a meditative attitude and concentrate on your concerns – note that the work of the spirit entities already takes place here. Please make sure not to cross your legs or arms while you are seated and to hold your eyes closed most of the time.

While one spirit being incorporates João, the other 35 who work with and through him, are involved in the treatments all the time in all the rooms. With our prayers and meditations we serve as a channel for the energies.

Musical performances and guided meditations as well as talks about the work of João de Deus will make your time in this room as comfortable as possible and prepare you for profound experiences. Sometimes João de Deus comes to the stage to bless people.

The different lines will be called in the main room. This means, the people will be asked to line up for their visit to João’s room. The following different lines exist:

The First Time Line
This is your line if you haven’t ever either seen João nor has your picture ever been shown to him.

The Second Time Line
This queue is for people, who visited João once or more – regardless of when this visit happened.  This is also the right line for you if your photo has been showed to João before.

The Surgery Line
Participants who have been prescribed a spiritual operation by the entities or those who received a cross on the photo of themselves they brought with them join this queue. While you are waiting for the line to be accompanied to the operating theatre you can prepare yourself through prayers.

The Revision Line
For those who had spiritual surgery more than a week ago and who would like to have their present condition reviewed by the entities. This line is not relevant for participants who had a spiritual operation during the 5th European Healing Days, but for people who had an operation in, for example, Abadiania and left before joining the review line there.

After the line which applies for you has been called, please queue calmly. This procedure will take its time. Please stay focused on your concerns and calm in order to be prepared for the encounter.
When it is your turn, you will be guided into the next room, the meditation room I.

Current Room I (Room of the mediums)
After leaving the main room, participants pass the current room I, which is also called the room of the mediums. Many mediums sit here and concentrate on cleaning the people who are on their way to João de Deus energetically. Besides experienced mediums, a part of the participants take their seats here as well in order to help to hold the energy level as high as possible and support this crucial work. For those who sit there, the following rules count:

  • Do not cross arms or legs
  • Do not fold your hands
  • Keep your eyes closed at all times

Experienced meditation facilitators will lovingly support us with guided visualizations and prayers in several languages.
After the participants have passed the energy field build up by the mediums, they go on to the Current room II, also called the room of the entities.

The Current Room II (Room of the entities)
After the energetic cleansing, people will be guided to the next room. They now enter the room of the entities, where the medium João de Deus sits while one of the spirit entities acts through him. Now, the participants pass João one by one, while the entity gives brief instructions on what to do next. This moment of the actual meeting is very short – don’t worry over the short period of time, the entities do not need more time as they do not work with the same limitations of time and space. Even if it is hard to understand, the spirit entities have already made a diagnosis on a spiritual level by the time you pass by the medium and already know what the next steps should be.

The five forms of treatments usually prescribed by the entities are:

Spiritual cleansing
Directly after the encounter with the medium and the entities, you will be guided to the next room for the spiritual cleansing. You will be asked to sit down and to

  • not cross your legs and arms
  • not fold your hands
  • hold your eyes closed

While praying you once again receive an intense spiritual cleansing from the entities. After this cleansing your session ends and you can go to the side hall or back to the main room and attend the mediations, listen to the inspiring music and follow a lecture.

Spiritual Intervention (come back at the end of a session or at the beginning of the next one)

If the entity embodied in the medium Joao has additionally prescribed spiritual surgery for you, this can have many reasons. The operation could serve to cure any current physical ailments or solve emotional-spiritual problems. The reason the operation was prescribed could be to mobilise your energy, which then helps you to cope with any difficulties in your life.

Come back to the main room and wait until the surgery line is being called – this is usually in the beginning of a session or at the end.

This is again a time for looking inwards: into yourself and to examine your intentions. Be conscious of what help exactly you are requesting and concentrate on the most important aspects, those who are near and dear to you. Allow visions, feelings, partial thoughts to come up – maybe your subconscious gives you a hint and makes you aware of some aspects which can be relevant for your cure.

In a serene state of mind and in complete trust enter the room where the operations take place and be open for the divine help in the room.

Crystal bed sessions
In this method of treatment 7 different colored lights radiate through 7 crystals into the 7 respective chakras. The appliance was developed in the Casa in Brazil and is often prescribed as an additional method, as a further possibility of spiritual treatment through which the entities work.

Sitting in the current room II
In this room a strong energy field is build up to support the work of the entities.

Rules at the event
It might be that during your participation you at first don’t understand all the rules according to which the treatment processes here are organised. Maybe not all the regulations and recommendations will make sense to you, but don’t get confused. All the procedures during these days are based on the rules and experiences which have been developed in the Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola in Brazil.

White Clothing
The entities request you to wear only white clothing as in the Casa. White, the color of light, represents purity and is the color in which all others are contained. It represents the luminosity of the soul, where the divine healing energy vibrates and where we are all one. White clothing attunes us to the healing work and by wearing white we are signalizing our inner readiness to allow deep inner processes.

Photos and videos
After entering the area it is strictly forbidden to take photos and videos.

Mobile phone
Please turn off the mobile phone at all times.

Further issues

Blessed water
Often it happens that while attending the event a process is set in motion which lasts for several months. Drinking consecrated water is a big help in this case and after an operation it is mandatory. Water, (the same applies to crystals), is known to be one of the best transporters of subtle vibrations. You can dilute this water with other kinds, preferably with filtered or natural mineral water; the information will still be transmitted.

During the Healing Days you will be given a sip of this water after every stage. In Switzerland, consecrated water is a substitute for the herbal drugs prescribed in the Casa in Brazil. The entities strongly recommend that you take some bottles of the consecrated water home with you for yourself and or those not able to attend.

Wooden triangles
You will find several wooden triangles on the walls of the main hall. They have two functions: They are symbolic for the divine trinity and serve as objects for meditation and contemplation. Underneath the triangles are baskets in which you can put your letters and photos. Those will be taken back to Brazil.

Please note:

  • Put only pictures of yourself or a person who gave permission to do so into the baskets.
  • Write the name and birthday on the back.
  • The photos will not be returned to you.

Medical treatment
Spirit healing is no substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. You should not stop your medical treatments and do not stop taking medicine a doctor prescribed you.

Blessed Crystals
You will find top-quality crystals and other items at the shops. Those energized items have been blessed by the entities. We would like to ask you to choose your crystals from the heart and treat them with awareness.


  • Please take account of the rules at this event.
  • Please note the standard business terms and conditions.
  • The halls are handicapped accessible.
  • Food and drinks can be purchased in the halls